Friday, January 9, 2009

CFS Valentine's Cards

A few pictures of the 40 cards I made for our troops over the past couple of days. I'm really making an effort to use my stash before I buy more Stampin' Up supplies. It's really hard to resist but the new catalog is coming out on the 19th and I need to make room in my craft room! One of the interesting things I discovered while making these cards was that I am now spoiled from using my SU! products the last couple of months. There is no guess work in matching colors and patterns, or ink and stamps or embellies. I could have made twice as many cards but I had to spend SO much time looking for matching paper and CS. It was a royal pain! All the more incentive to use my stash! Now I have to make 100 "spring" cards for our troops, ie St. Patricks Day, Easter. All the more stash I get to use and all the more new SU products I get to buy and all the more cards our soldiers get to send home. See, it's all good for everyone. LOL

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Christy Dillman said...

Got the cards Ang, way to go girl! I am with you on using your stash. After reorganizing my little craft space for last few weeks, I have too decided that 9 cropper hoppers of paper (approx. 200 sheets in each) and paper still everywhere is crazy!

Love all the blog updates, hope we can get together soon and play! Hugs!!!

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