Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Blackmail Layout

Seeing as I was on a roll this week, I decided that I just had to do one more layout. But of what? Then it hit me. First, I hadn't done that many layouts of just TJ and second, I had some seriously funny pictures of him. Besides, everyone has blackmail pictures somewhere don't they?

I used my clear diecuts again. This time I put a little ink on my fingers and smudged them up a bit so they are easier to see. I also used some free paper that I got from Archiver's that was way to girly for my layout. So I just cut the paper in half and used the part that didn't have any flowers on it. Voila! Instant journal block. A spot of ribbon and this layout was done!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dressing Yourself

I love this picture that my sister in law took of my niece. I mean really, who could have come up with a better outfit than a 4 year old??? I also had to rescue this picture from my mom who thinks that pictures should be left lying around and curling up and gathering dust. So yeah, it was really a rescue effort on my part.

Did you get the green flower? I did that on purpose to match the boots. I mean, my niece didn't match so why should I? As I was putting on the rubons for the title the first one cracked and slid on me. At first I was mad, but they were a gift from someone else, so I figured that they were old and took a deep breath and thought of what Ali Edwards says,"It's ok". So it's ok. In the end I like the "distressed" look of my rubons. Whew!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Has it really been so long????

Wow time flies when you are working 10+ hours a day! So my new job at the post office has kept me quite busy lately. I like it but it is very hard work. I will never again complain about my carrier. They work their booties off!
I was home alone on the 4th of July (awwww, so sad I know) but I did get this layout done, so yay me! I am so happy that I was able to use 3 patterned papers, my new "tickets" from Tim Holtz, my distress crackle paint (again from T.H.) and my clear diecuts. Can you see them? One is pretty big and says "laugh" the other is a heart in the left hand corner of the second picture. It was so fun to scrap these old photos of me and my uncles and my brother.

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