Monday, August 11, 2008

G the flower girl

So can I say that I absolutely love my new cartridges, Graphically Speaking and Storybook? I love them! Cricut really outdid themselves this time. *contented sigh* I also got to use my new Threading Water border punch and my photo tint markers for the first time. Love those markers. I will be making a lot more pictures in black and white just so I can color on them! I completely scraplifted Ali Edwards' idea by using the bling as lines for my journaling. So cute.

Geneva @ 5

On Geneva's 5th birthday she got to spend the night with the Grandparents and myself. Of course we had to take her out for ice cream! Nothing like a chocolate ice cream face for a great picture. The Quote From Today is "It's my birthday. Don't mess with me." Geneva to Grandpa. Grandpa was scooping her ice cream off of her spoon everytime she tried to get another spoonful. She sure knows how to make Grandpa behave!

In a nutshell

After reading the Dare Girls blog (see fav links) I was inspired to join in on the dares. This dare was "In a nutshell". Whatever subject you want, in a nutshell; I chose to use pictures from my first mail route. The idea was to use a few small photos or just one photo to tell the story. Well, I couldn't pick just one and I certainly couldn't crop down ALL of my photos so I enlarged the theme a bit. I'm happy with the "spirit" of my first Dare.

Caution: Hard Hat Area

What is it about hats? It seems like everyone has to put them on and then pass them around. The hat in question is my dad's hard hat, which he has had longer than I've been alive; plus the hat was used when he got it! If hats could talk......nm ewwww at the thought. ;)

So Similar

I love both of the pictures of me and my niece Geneva. We are so alike sometimes. We both are still cute even when we are pouting!


I had to search high and low to find these pictures. I went through every album of my mom's that I could find. Finally I found the missing the basement! ARG! That is one of my next projects, saving all those old photos. Now I just need to get my mom to fill out the "incident report" and this layout is done!

Mini Acrylic Keychain

You know me, acrylic + Angji =TLF (true love forever). I'm such a dork. I basically made myself a mini brag book and I didn't know what brag books were at the time! This mini album is 2x3 and came in a set of two from my favorite store, Archiver's. Few products were used and in the words of Ali Edwards "Keep it simple." Wise words indeed.

South Dakota Acrylic Mini Album

These are a few pictures from my first acrylic album. I am so loving the acrylic! Thank you for looking!
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